Children's Ministry

childrenWelcome to the world of Children’s Ministry at The Journey . We are thrilled that you are considering joining our team as we minister with children. We say minister “with” children because we believe that we learn from children as we teach them. Christ used children as an example of those who have faith. This belief challenges us to be growing in our relationship with Christ as we grow in our relationship with the children.

You will find there are many opportunities to minister with children. Our ministry is based on relationships. We want children to grow in their relationship with God and His Word. In addition, we believe that children learn in relationship with other children and adults. The children you work with will look to you as a role model. You will have many opportunities to share examples from your own walk with God.

We recognize that you and those volunteers who serve are the foundation of a successful ministry to children. That is why we are diligent in our recruiting, interviewing and placement process. No matter what your role is within this ministry, you are an integral part of the body as we work together to effectively minister to the children that God entrusts to our care.


For more information about this ministry, please email Jackie Trotter at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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